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Amazon gift cards have become the go-to choice for many people, right from Christmas or birthday presents to year-round bonuses. However, receiving one may not be as useful either because the product you want may not necessarily be listed on Amazon or you’d rather have actual cash to spend on essential stuff like pay rent and bills. Thankfully, there’re a few little-known ways you can trade and use unwanted Amazon gift cards for money or use them besides on Amazon.

How to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

Aside from getting lucky and receiving gift cards from your friends or family, here are the best ways to get Amazon Gift Cards for free.

  1. Start a blog or YouTube channel and sign up for Amazon Associates to share affiliate links through your posts.
  2. Use Amazon’s Trade-In program to exchange unwanted devices, electronics, video games, and more for Amazon Gift Cards.
  3. Earn Amazon Gift Cards by taking surveys (Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, MTurk, etc.).

In this article, we’ll go through ways to use your Amazon Gift Cards besides Amazon. While these methods work directly for people in the US, others can also benefit from most of the services using a VPN.

1. Sell Amazon Gift Card for Cash

Websites like Gameflip, Raise, Gift Card Granny, and many others allow you to sell your unwanted Amazon gift cards directly in exchange for cash. Generally, Amazon gift cards are listed at 2% to 15% off the card value. For example, if you have a gift worth $100, you can expect around $90 in cash.

All of these websites are highly secure and reliable as they verify each user registration manually. For instance, Gameflip requires users to provide a government ID with a selfie. Plus, it’ll take up to 2 to 3 days to verify all the details manually by Gameflip employees.

Once the buyer receives your gift card code, redeems, and completes the transaction by rating, the money is deposited into your wallet which you can withdraw anytime. Also, these websites will charge you a small amount of commission for the sale you make.

Disclaimer: These methods will only work if you have an Amazon gift card code. Once you redeem the code in your Amazon account, you won’t be able to sell it. However, even if you have redeemed your gift card, there’s still hope. You can buy another gift card from the Google Play Store using your Amazon gift card balance and then sell the Google Play gift card instead.

Aside from the above, you can also use classified sites like Craigslist, Letgo, Oodle, and others to list your Amazon gift cards just like any other item. All you have to do is simply list your gift card for a certain price and interested parties will contact you. Mostly, you’ll meet people in your city so you can make the transaction in person as well.

2. Sell It on eBay

eBay differs from platforms like Craiglist, Letgo, and Oodle for several reasons thanks to its popularity and bigger reach.If you know how to sell on eBay, you can actually buy products that are in high demand (mostly electronics) from Amazon using your gift card and sell them on eBay in exchange for cash. At times, you can potentially get more money for products that are otherwise hard to get.

Pro Tip: You can actually list your product on eBay before you buy it, and only buy after it sells. That way you can have it shipped directly to your customer from Amazon.

3. Trade It for Bitcoin

If you’re not in need of cash, using your Amazon gift card can be a great way to start investing in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for that matter. This way, you can start investing a small amount regularly and diversify your investment portfolio. Websites like Paxful, Purse, and LocalBitcoins allow you to buy/sell Bitcoins using Amazon gift cards.

The way it works is that both parties involved need to agree to the exchange rate, and the platform charges little to no commission on each trade. While buying bitcoin from the exchange is generally free, the seller may have to pay an additional fee for each transaction made.

From there, you can transfer your Bitcoins to a wallet of your choice (like Coinbase, Binance, Robinhood) using peer-to-peer transfer. If not, you can always trade your Bitcoin for actual money or use it to buy other things as it is becoming a widely accepted payment method.

4. Sell It via Reddit or Facebook

Social networking sites like Facebook and Reddit are other places where you can sell your Amazon gift cards.

Reddit has a separate subreddit called r/giftcardexchange for trading unwanted gift cards. Users can create a post with all the necessary details and interested parties will contact to make the exchange happen. Additionally, subreddits like r/barter can also be a great place to do the same.

Facebook also has its own peer-to-peer platform called Facebook Marketplace just like Craigslist which brings buyers and sellers together on the social network. Apart from that, you can search for groups that buy and sell gift cards in your area. Another way is to put up a post in your timeline or send a group message to a number of people to let them know about the offer.

5. Shop for Someone Else

Another simple yet effective way to use Amazon gift cards and turn them into cash is by reaching out to friends and family. You can get to know if they’re planning to make a purchase on Amazon and trade your gift cards for cash. Also, you can offer them a 10% discount to create a win-win situation.Needless to say, that’ll be a much safer option than selling to some unknown person on Reddit or Facebook.

6. Buy Google Play Credits

If you often spend money on Google Play store for apps, games, books, audiobooks, movies, and more, you can use your unwanted Amazon gift money to make those purchases. All you have to do is buy a Google Play gift card on Amazon using your Amazon gift card. With that, you’ll be able to buy audiobooks and even rent movies on YouTube which you can’t do with Amazon gift cards. For instance, as there’s no option to pay for Audible with my Amazon gift card, I started using my Google Play Credit to pay for the same books on Google Play Store.

Another example, I switched from paying $3 per month using my Debit card to Google Play Credits, which I bought from an Amazon gift card.

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If you are in Apple ecosystem, you can do the same thing by buying an Apple Gift Card.

7. Buy an Online Subscription

Similar to the Google Play credits, you can also buy gift cards for entertainment services like Netflix Hulu, etc., and use them to pay for your subscription fees.

So, next time instead of paying with a credit/debit card, you can start using Amazon gift cards to buy Netflix gift cards. And then you’ll be able to pay for a subscription using those gift cards. Similarly, you can do the same for all other services like Hulu, Spotify, Disney+, and more. Sadly and surprisingly, Amazon Prime Video is an exception here.

8. Buy Grocery for Yourself

If the above methods are too much for you to handle, you can always use your gift card to shop from your favorite websites. While Amazon gift card is not a widely accepted payment method, there’re a few online retailers who accept Amazon gift cards instead of cash.

So next time when you’re shopping online, don’t forget to use your Amazon gift card balance. This way, you’ll get full value for your money and can avoid the hassle of following tedious steps.

Wrap Up: Where Can I Use Amazon Gift Card Besides Amazon

With so many ways to get rid of your unwanted Amazon gift card, you can get pretty much all you want in exchange. Given the trend, investing in Bitcoin might be a good option. Alternatively, shopping for your loved ones is a straightforward solution. If not, you can always save the gift cards for future use as Amazon gift cards never expire.

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Where can I use an Amazon gift card at? ›

Gift Cards may only be redeemed toward the purchase of eligible goods and services provided by Amazon.com Services LLC and its affiliates (including redemption services provided by Amazon Payments, Inc.) on www.amazon.com, or certain of its affiliated properties, such as smile.amazon.com.

How do I use an Amazon gift card for other things? ›

To do it, enter the claim code in the Gift Cards & promotional codes field on the Review your order page. If your order total is more than your gift card balance, we'll charge the remaining amount to your default payment method. Often you may use Amazon Gift Cards as a partial form of payment for an item.

Can I use my Amazon gift card at Walmart? ›

You can shop at Walmart – or any merchant that takes Visa – with the Amazon Credit Card.

Can I convert Amazon gift card to cash? ›

Buy items for someone else who will pay you cash: You can use your gift card to buy items for someone else who will pay you in cash for them. Use your Amazon Gift Card to buy a prepaid debit card: You can use your gift card to buy a prepaid debit card that you can then use to withdraw cash from an ATM.

Can I use my Amazon gift card at the grocery store? ›

Amazon gift cards can buy millions of items on Amazon.com and additional services like Amazon Prime, Kindle, Marketplace products, and Amazon Fresh as of 2022. However, Amazon gift cards cannot be used to purchase Audible, Whole Foods groceries, gasoline stations, or any other retail retailer.

Can I transfer Amazon gift card to PayPal? ›

To achieve your goal, you only need to link your Amazon card number to the Wallet section of your second account. This means you will have to add your gift card as a debit/card in your PayPal account. After you have done this, your card's remaining balance can be used to pay for PayPal purchases.

Can I transfer my Amazon balance to my bank account? ›

If you want to withdraw funds from your Amazon Payments account, you can do so by initiating a transfer to your bank account. To transfer funds to your bank, you must complete the bank account verification process.

Can you transfer gift card balance to bank account? ›

Most of the time, the answer is yes. Prepaid Visa cards usually let you transfer your balance to a bank account or third-party services like PayPal or Venmo. All you need is your card information and/or your bank details to get started.

Can you use Amazon credit card at Target? ›

Store cards include the Amazon Prime Store Card, Amazon Store Card, Target RedCard and Walmart Rewards Card. These cards can only be used in-store and online at Amazon, Target and Walmart properties, respectively.

Can an Amazon gift card be used anywhere in the world? ›

Amazon has different websites for every country where it operates, and each site accepts gift cards only for that specific website. For example, you can't use an Amazon.com gift card from the U.S. to buy make a purchase on the Canadian Amazon site. The buyer would need to use a gift card for Amazon.ca.

How do I convert my Amazon gift card to cash App? ›

How do I convert my Amazon gift card to Cash App? Unfortunately, you cannot directly transfer funds from an Amazon gift card to your Cash App account. However, you can sell your Amazon gift card for cash and then add the cash to your Cash App balance.

Can you transfer Amazon gift card to venmo? ›

You can add a gift card to Venmo just like a standard debit card. Open the app's settings, choose “Payment Methods,” select “Add bank or card,” and enter the card details. Then, tap “Add” and wait for Venmo to process the information.

Can I use a Amazon gift card to buy a Visa gift card? ›

Cards are shipped ready to use. This card can be used in the U.S. only, online or in stores, where Visa debit cards are accepted. Your Amazon.com Balance cannot be used to purchase Visa gift cards.

Can I transfer a gift card to my PayPal account? ›

For PayPal members, you can simply add prepaid gift cards to your wallet then start using them during checkout - just like any other credit or debit cards.

Can I send Amazon gift card to another? ›

Click on the "Send a Gift" link located at the top of the page. Select the type of gift card you want to send. You can choose from a variety of designs and denominations. Enter the recipient's name and email address, and a personal message if you wish.

What app turns gift cards into cash? ›

Prepaid2Cash: Instantly turn your prepaid & gift cards into cash! Enjoy spending the money on your gift cards wherever you want. Deposit prepaid cards or gift cards in your bank account, debit card, or Bitcoin Wallet. Prepaid2Cash supports Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Target, Nike, and hundreds of other brands.

How can I get cash for gift cards immediately? ›

Best Sites to Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly
  1. CardSell.
  2. CardCash.
  3. Raise.
  4. ClipKard.
  5. Prepaid2Cash.
  6. Gift Card Outlets.
  7. BuyBackWorld.
  8. Gameflip.
Jan 5, 2023

How can I take my gift cards and transfer them to cash? ›

Go to a Gift Card Exchange kiosk to trade your card for cash. A Gift Card Exchange kiosk is usually bright yellow and located in a grocery store. Insert the card information into the kiosk and then choose to accept or reject the offer the kiosk gives you.

What credit score do you need for an Amazon card? ›

Typically, you can qualify for Synchrony's Amazon store cards with a fair credit score (580 to 669). On the other hand, you'll likely need at least a good credit score (670 to 739) to qualify for one of the Amazon Visa cards from Chase.

What credit score do you need for Amazon Prime card? ›

What credit score is needed for the Amazon Prime Rewards card? Applicants with a good to excellent credit score — a 670 FICO score or higher or a 661 VantageScore or higher — have the best approval odds when applying for the Amazon Prime Rewards card.

What is Amazon pay wallet? ›

Amazon Pay balance: Money can be loaded through online payment methods such as domestic credit/debit card and net banking. However, you will not be able to use prepaid cards, EMI, cards issued outside India or a combination of cards to add/load amount to your Amazon Pay balance: Money account.

Can I use Amazon gift card for mobile recharge? ›

Amazon Gift Cards can be used for shopping from Amazon.in, and to do recharges, bill payments and travel bookings as well.

Which gift card can be used anywhere in the world? ›

Visa Gift Card:

A Visa gift card is a versatile option for international gifting. It can be used anywhere that Visa is accepted worldwide. This means the recipient can use it to shop at their favorite stores, dine out, or even book travel accommodations.

Is there a gift card that can be used anywhere in the world? ›

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Amazon gift cards are some of the most widely accepted gift cards that can be used globally.

What can I use gift card to buy? ›

The major use of gift cards by buyers is to use them as a payment method for their purchases. You can use a gift card in-store or online to purchase anything you want. This includes products and services offered by different businesses including retailers, restaurants, fuel stations, and many more.

How does the 150 dollar Amazon gift card work? ›

The $150 is added to your Amazon payment balance for you to use at checkout. The Amazon.com gift card is only awarded to new cardholders, and it cannot be used for other gift card purchases.

How do I transfer Amazon balance to Venmo? ›

Navigate to your Amazon Wallet. Select Add a payment method. Select Add a Venmo account. Select Go to Venmo in the pop-up box.

Can you transfer money from a gift card to a debit card? ›

Yes, you can transfer money from a gift card to a debit card. You can do this by linking your gift card to PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App and forwarding the money to your debit card. While there may be a fee associated with this service, getting your money from a gift card to a more helpful form is generally worth it.

What can I use Amazon Pay for? ›

Amazon Pay is a service that lets you use the payment methods already associated with your Amazon account to make donations and payments for goods or services on third-party websites and in apps.

Why is Amazon not letting me use my gift card? ›

You've Already Applied the Gift Card to Your Account

If you see an error message that the gift card or gift voucher has already been redeemed, it's likely that the claim code has already been applied to your account, or to another account.

Can I use a giftcard to buy a Visa gift card? ›

Keep in mind, however, that Visa gift cards are different. While you may not be able to use a store's gift card to buy another gift card, you can probably still use a Visa gift card to buy a branded gift card.

Can I use my Amazon gift card at Kohl's? ›

Q: Can I use amazon gift card at Kohls? No, you can't. Also, you can't use an Amazon Gift Card to purchase other gift cards.

Where can you exchange Amazon gift cards for cash? ›

Gameflip is the safest way to sell Amazon gift cards for cash. Gameflip is the simplest way to sell unwanted Amazon gift cards for cash. You can sell any unused, prepaid and non-reloadable gift cards on Gameflip. Popular gift cards on Gameflip are Steam cards, PSN, Xbox Live, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play cards.

Can I use Amazon gift card in Europe? ›

Amazon Gift Cards cannot be used on US, Canada, UK, Germany, France or China Amazon websites.

Can you use an Amazon gift card on eBay? ›

No, it can only be used on an Amazon purchases. Here are a few things to check if your eBay Gift Card isn't accepted: Make sure that you have an eBay account registered in the U.S. and a U.S. shipping address.

Can all Amazon purchases be returned at Kohl's? ›

Amazon Returns are now accepted at all Kohl's stores (excluding Anchorage, Alaska). Return eligible Amazon.com items to Kohl's stores and save yourself time and money. What could be more convenient? Free Amazon Returns regardless of reason, that's what's more convenient!

How do I use my Amazon gift card on Zappos? ›

Place all of the items in your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Under Your Payment Information, find the box labeled "Redeem Gift Cards and Coupons". Enter your code in the box and click "Apply".

Can I use a Target gift card to buy an Amazon gift card at Target? ›

**Target GiftCards are solely for use at Target stores and on Target.com. Target GiftCards cannot be used to purchase any prepaid or specialty gift cards.

Do you get Amazon gift card at Target? ›

Does Walmart or Target sell Amazon gift cards? No. Glaringly missing from this list of where to buy Amazon gift cards are two of the retailer's biggest competitors, Target and Walmart. However, it makes sense that you can't buy Amazon gift cards at these stores.

How do I turn my gift card into cash? ›

Buy a Money Order with Your Visa Gift Card

Buying a money order is probably the most cost-effective way to convert a Visa gift card to cash. To get a money order with your Visa gift card, you simply go to a place where they sell money orders, buy one and pay for it with your gift card.

Can I transfer Amazon Pay balance to bank account? ›

Choose any of the following methods to send money from your Amazon Pay balance: Money account to a recipient: Send to a contact, Send to a UPI ID (linked to a bank account / a wallet), Send to a bank account, Recently Transacted: Verify the name of the payee and enter the amount.


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