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Rev up your engines, customer just towed me this Ram, these stupid semi keyless remote dumbest system ever vehicle won't start.

So what are we gonna do? Well, let's start by turning the key and see what happens.

Stick the key in.

Well, the lights come on.

So at least we turn the key off turn the key on its power there, but when we turn the key nothing, dead as a door nail, so with the key on, let's turn the headlights on go outside, see what happens well.

The headlights are coming on so there's power going through the system, but you never know how much power the battery has.

So, let's open hood and check it typical dodge the hood won't even stay up.

They make them like such pieces of junk.

So we need a stick so test the battery, one tester on here and one tester on there and since it says right here, 790, cold, cranking, amps, we'll check that it's in the vehicle battery top post, regular, cold, cranking and we'll put it on 790, and we push start we'll see what it says: state of houses- not that great.

It says it needs a recharge, but then it's gonna be watch, not start, it needs recharging, but it's got enough, should crank the engines not doing anything so something's wrong between the battery and the ignition switch going to the starter odds.

Are it's this system? There's such pieces of crap I'd know it's Chrysler has enough problems building cars, that is to add this stuff on to it, to make it another level of stuff that breaks on them.

So I got my fancy, scan tool and pray.

It finds something wrong with the system with a code, so we don't have to check absolutely everything on this pile of junk, so I'll plug it in under the dash and pray at least around the vehicle.

Now you can see if it's chosen anything wrong typical Dodge.

That already shows that there are eight faults in the powertrain control module, we'll see what codes exist there in the PCM whole bunch of them still under one misfire evap purge.

That's not it! That's not! It brake pressure sensor incompatible implausible oil pressure out of range.

None of those are really starting problems.

The central gateway has two faults: let's check that yeah.

Those really aren't gonna, be why it's not starting either so I'm gonna try trick I'm gonna erase all the codes.

This machine can erase all the codes on it see if that's gonna help at all, sometimes strangely enough, it does now they're all erased.

Then I'm gonna try another trick.

We're gonna remove the battery terminals one and the other.

Then what to remove we're gonna touch them together to reset everything drying.

Everything then leave them off for about five minutes.

That way, I can reset everything back to factory sightings, to some extent sometimes it'll start right up.

Then, let's see all right, we'll put them back on plus the negative, tighten up the positive, that's nice and tight.

Now, let's see what happens well, sad, but true, stupid thing still isn't gonna start.

So we know we turn the key on we're hitting power, I'm, gonna, Hot wire, the starter and see.

If it will start, then that's pretty easy on that.

You get on the driver's side crawl under the starter and somebody's already gotten the wire nicked here.

So you can check it.

We will put a jumper cable right here on the starter line then reach under here and fish.

The line up got your truck.

It's way up in the air and I'm, not 80 feet tall here so bear with me as I grab the stupid thing there's the wire now, if we put it on a positive cable, it should make the starter at least turn over.

Nothing, probably a bad start, and here's a good test.

Look this up! So now it's connected there, you get a big hammer.

Go back under the vehicle.

I gave it a few whacks.

Well, it's not starting, but that doesn't mean it's not the problem.

We didn't get lucky on this a lot of times.

The start is still have some life left.

You can hit it and with power going to it, the stupid thing will at least start to crank over in this case.

It's not even doing that.

So we're gonna have to pull the starter off and then check it in the air to see if it works at all, so I'll take the battery terminal off.

So we don't shorten everything off when we remove the starter, then crawl back under then unbolt the starter and take the power lines off.

Yeah and off comes the starter, and here's dodge for you.

This tiny little starter for this huge Hemi engine and I can smell it.

It's burnout, I, don't even have to test it's hot now smells just burnout, cheap start around a big engine and here's a replacement, tiny starter.

That's all they had to fit on a stupid thing at least locally.

If you really want to do a better job, you could try to find a race and starter.

That's a lot better than this piece of junk, but this is just the guy's work truck so I'm just putting the same thing back on.

So it just slides back in the hole- and you put the two bolts in the bottom and the top,- get them on nice and tight and don't forget to do the top one too.

There are two them hold on.

Then you get the big power cable and put it on and put the nut on top of it then tighten it up, and then get the starter over here, and it just plugs right on there.

Snaps right on nice and tight uh, don't forget to put the battery cable back on I had put it on nice and tight there we go then.

Let's pray, it didn't short.

The computer out.

Even the computer on this thing has to do is start in the car and sometimes I see if the starter shorts out it can fry the computer.

So let's break didn't nothing as you can see when I scanned, it has a bunch of other things wrong, but typical Dodge.

He wants this thing to start now.

It's starting I'm stopping right there.

Now you know what to do on your Dodge truck or any other vehicle doesn't start check it step by step, always be logical.

So if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell.


What years to avoid for the 5.7 Hemi? ›

Here are the Dodge RAM 1500 years to avoid: 2003, 2010-2013 (5.7-liter V8), 2014, 2015, 2016. But just like the years from above, something well-maintained might offer you something worth buying; just know what you're getting yourself into.

Why do Ram trucks not say Dodge anymore? ›

The Dodge Ram lineup was revitalized again in 1981 where it continued under this moniker until 2009. Under the ownership of FCA it was decided that the two brands should be separate entities. The separation of Dodge from Ram allowed Dodge to focus on technological advancements in their sedans and muscle cars.

Are Dodge Rams reliable? ›

The RAM 2500 is famed for dependability and longevity, especially in the 2006 model year and later. If you want a powerful Cummins B Series engine, a used RAM 3500 may bring the towing or payload ratings you need, even if you go for a model from the early 2000s.

What is the most unreliable Dodge Ram? ›

Before the Ram turned into a beautiful swan, it faced mechanical issues. The 2015, 2014, and 2013 models have the most complaints about mechanical issues. Ram 1500 problems range from transmission problems, engine issues, interior accessory problems, and electrical problems.

Is Dodge discontinuing the 5.7 Hemi? ›

5.7-Liter Hemi V8

The Hemi V8 will continue to be the Ram Truck engine of choice for all 2023 models. This is of course until the new Hurricane engine, with higher horsepower and torque, replaces the Hemi V8 starting in 2024.

What year 5.7 Hemi is the best? ›

Now in its second generation, the legendary 5.7-liter HEMI V8 engine had once again claimed a place on Ward's distinguished and highly coveted “2009 10 Best Engines” list. It earned these accolades because of the numerous updates it received in 2009, such as major internal changes and a dose of new technology.

Why is Dodge just RAM now? ›

During Chrysler's ownership of Dodge in 2009, Chrysler decided to restructure the Dodge brand from the ground up. As a result of this restructuring, Dodge assigned the cars and minivans in its vehicle lineup to the Dodge nameplate. Its trucks, the Dodge Ram and the Dodge Dakota, were branded as Ram trucks.

Is RAM discontinuing trucks? ›

Dodge RAM vs. Dodge and RAM. While it may surprise you, Dodge RAM trucks have not been produced since 2008! Dodge and RAM formally separated into their own respective divisions in 2009.

Who is RAM owned by? ›

In 2009, Chrysler, Dodge's parent company, chose to make RAM a stand-alone name for the pickup truck segments. This is why if you own a Dodge pickup truck made before 2009, it's called a Dodge RAM. They're still the same company.

Which Ram engine is most reliable? ›

The Hemi family is legendary for its dependability very dependable. However, it's the 5.7L Hemi that stands out as the most reliable Ram Truck Engine Option. Even the no-compromise Hellcat Hemis are solid, going 100,000 miles or more without issue.

How many miles do Rams last? ›

Many people opt for a gasoline-powered Ram truck for sale. Gasoline-powered Ram trucks can expect around 250,000 to 300,000 miles on average.

What is the most reliable truck brand? ›

What is the most reliable truck? The most reliable truck, according to the JD Power reliability scores for the 2023 model year, is the 2023 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. It has a reliability score of 87 out of 100. Other notable mentions include the 2023 GMC Sierra 1500 and Ford F-150, rated 86.

What is the most unreliable truck of all time? ›

Even though Ford has been one of the top-selling trucks for numerous years, the Triton motor found in the early 2000s was a huge mistake. Along with those trucks, the 2008 Ford F-250 and F-350 only had a reliability rating of 6 out of 100, making them the most unreliable trucks on the road.

Is Dodge Ram more reliable than Chevy? ›

Is the Chevrolet more reliable than Dodge? According to J.D. Power reliability scores, yes! Chevrolet models came out as more reliable than their Dodge counterparts.

Is the V8 going away? ›

The seventh and final Last Call edition of the Dodge Challenger and Charger muscle cars will be revealed on March 20, 2023 at an event on a Las Vegas drag strip. Along with the end of the V8 era, the event will also celebrate the start of Dodge's new electrified era of performance.

What is going to replace the Hemi? ›

The Hemi V-8 can't meet these lower emissions standards in its current form. Instead, companies are turning to smaller displacement turbocharged engines, which return a reduction of 40% emissions right off the bat — like the 2022 Toyota Tundra saw.

Why is the Hemi going away? ›

Why is Dodge discontinuing the Hemi V8? Dodge is pulling not only its 5.7L Hemi but the 6.4L Apache and supercharged 6.2L Hellcat V8 from its duo of cars. The loss of the Mopar motors is a direct result of the push for efficient propulsion and alternative energy, like battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

What is a 5.7 Hemi equivalent to? ›

The 5.7L HEMI engine replaced the tried-and-true 5.2L (318) and 5.9L (360) Magnum engines whose roots share some of Chrysler's LA small block architecture along with AMC cylinder head magic.

Is 5.7 a true Hemi? ›

Says Lee: "Everything else, in terms of the valvetrain arrangement, the shape of the chamber, is in fact a true Hemi. It's not as huge as the old Hemi, of course." At 345 hp, the 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 has 100 more hp than the 5.9-liter Magnum V-8.

What are the disadvantages of a Hemi engine? ›

Drawbacks of the HEMI design

The biggest flaw with the HEMI engine is that it can only have two valves per cylinder. The top of the chamber is round, so it doesn't have a lot of space to fit more than a few valves. Additionally, these valves won't be able to produce as much airflow as a four-cylinder engine.

What does Ram car stand for? ›

The Ram, the ancient symbol of Aries, signifies authority, force, fearlessness, and virility. As the ram's head began appearing on redesigned Dodge pickup trucks, the brand began referring to them as Dodge RAM trucks.

Do all Ram trucks have Hemi engines? ›

Engine Model Availability

Most 2021 Ram 2500 trims are available with both the 6.4L HEMI V8 and 6.7L Cummins turbo diesel I6 engines. One exception is the legendary Power Wagon® trim - this off-road truck is only available with the gas HEMI engine.

Did Ram split from Dodge? ›

When Did Dodge and RAM Split? Chrysler purchased Dodge in 1981 and kept their most popular models, which included RAM pickup trucks. From 1981 to 2009, their pickup trucks were called “Dodge RAM,” then after a restructuring within the brand, Dodge and RAM split into two separate vehicle lineups.

Is Ram dropping Cummins? ›

Ram will stop offering a diesel engine in its popular Ram 1500 truck after January of 2023. The announcement doesn't affect Ram Heavy Duty trucks. A Ram spokesperson confirms to us that the 6.7-liter Cummins Turbo Diesel option on the Ram 2500 and 3500 isn't going away.

Will 2023 Ram be redesigned? ›

The 2023 model year sees a holding pattern for Ram, with few changes to its broad-shouldered pickup trucks and ProMaster cargo van. Some new special editions debut for the trucks, while the ProMaster enjoys a minor freshening of its front end, as well as some new options and a new roof height.

Who bought out Dodge RAM trucks? ›

Chrysler acquired Dodge in 1981 and kept their most popular models, including RAM pickup trucks. From 1981 to 2009, their pickup trucks were named “Dodge RAM,”. After 2009, RAM trucks became its own brand.

Is RAM owned by China? ›

Ram Trucks, stylized as RAM and formerly known as the Ram Truck Division (of Chrysler), is an American brand of light to mid-weight trucks and other commercial vehicles, and a division of Stellantis (previously Fiat Chrysler Automobiles).

Where is Dodge RAM built? ›

Ram Production Facilities

Stellantis North America builds Ram trucks at the Warren Truck Assembly and the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant in Michigan.

Where are Ram 1500 built? ›

FCA retooled the plant to handle the 2019 Ram 1500; previously, the plant produced the Chrysler 200, which ended production after the 2017 model year. The Ram 1500 Classic continues to be built at both Saltillo Truck Assembly in Saltillo, Mexico and Warren Truck Assembly in Warren, Michigan.

Are Hemi engines better? ›

A HEMI engine usually (but not always) has cylinders with a domed head (rather than the traditional flat head) and a hemispherical combustion chamber. This setup can provide more engine power than a conventional engine thanks to a higher compression ratio that augments the combustion process. Big.

What is the longest lasting Dodge? ›

The Dodge RAM isn't only one of the longest-lasting trucks; it's also one of the most stylish inside and out.

What is the strongest engine in a Dodge Ram? ›

The most powerful engine in the 2023 Ram 1500 engine lineup is the Supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI® V-8 engine - an option only available on the highest 2023 Ram 1500 trim level, the TRX. Take advantage of a hair-raising 702 horsepower, 650 pound-feet of torque, and impressive top speed for this hefty engine: 118 mph.

Which truck last the longest? ›

These 16 models are most likely to keep on truckin' the longest.
  1. Ford F-350 Super Duty. The Car Connection. ...
  2. Toyota Tundra. Toyota Tundra CrewMax. ...
  3. Ford F-250 Super Duty. Ford. ...
  4. Toyota Tacoma. The 2020 Toyota Tacoma. ...
  5. GMC Sierra 2500HD. GMC. ...
  6. Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD. ...
  7. Chevrolet Silverado 1500. ...
  8. Chevrolet Avalanche.
May 11, 2023

How well do Rams hold their value? ›

2022 Ram 3500 – 58.6 Percent Resale Value

The Ram 3500 is projected to retain 58.6 percent of its purchase price after five years.

Do the Rams run a lot? ›

The Rams are last in the NFL in rushing, averaging 68.1 yards per game.

What is the #1 truck for reliability? ›

Based on reliability, the best truck to buy in 2022 is the Toyota Tacoma, which comes in with a Consumer Reports score of 74. This truck is followed closely by the Ford Lightning, which received a 73. Both of these trucks would be a great buy in 2022.

What is the #1 most reliable truck? ›

The most reliable full-size truck is the Toyota Tundra with a 8.6 out of 10 reliability score. The Ford F-150 is the second most reliable full-size truck with a rating of 8.5 out of 10. The average reliability score for the full-size truck category is 8.1, with 5 models scoring above average for reliability.

Which truck is rated number one? ›

Even though the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 was the top selling truck of 2022, it was the Toyota Tacoma that was the top sold truck in the most total States.

What is the least problematic truck? ›

The Most Reliable Trucks
  • 2023 Honda Ridgeline - Reliability Rating: 80/100.
  • 2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz - Reliability Rating: 83/100.
  • 2023 Toyota Tacoma - Reliability Rating: 83/100.
  • 2023 Jeep Gladiator - Reliability Rating: 85/100.
  • 2023 Ford F-150 - Reliability Rating: 86/100.
  • 2023 Ford Ranger - Reliability Rating: 86/100.
Feb 23, 2023

What truck has the most accidents? ›

The Ford F-Series (including the F-150 and its bigger siblings the F-250 and F-350) was involved in more fatal accidents over the course of our study than any other car, truck or SUV. The vast majority were for the most popular F-150 model, which accounted for 65% of all fatal F-Series crashes.

What is the most successful truck? ›

What Is The Number One Best-Selling Truck? The Ford F-Series is still the number one best-selling truck for 46 consecutive years. Ford delivered over 650,000 examples of the F-Series in 2022.

What is better Dodge or Ford? ›

Should You Choose a Ford or Dodge Vehicle? Ford offers more options for vehicles, including in segments where Dodge doesn't make vehicles, and they're typically more affordable and safer. The choice is clear: You should choose a Ford for your next new or used car purchase.

What is better Silverado or Ram? ›

The Ram can be characterized as the best to drive and most comfortable pickup not just when compared to the Silverado, but to most full-sized trucks. Powertrain options include the widely used 260 horsepower 3.6 liter V-6, a 305 horsepower 3.0-liter diesel V-6, and a 395 horsepower 5.7 liter V8.

Is Ram a good truck to buy? ›

The Ram 1500 ranked third among large light-duty pickups in the J.D. Power 2021 Vehicle Dependability Study, while the F-150 did not make the list. Although the Ram 1500 can be more expensive than the Ford-150, it has numerous comfort and safety features that are included and the Ford F-150 doesn't.

What years did Ram trucks have transmission problems? ›

The Ram 1500 pickup trucks have been known to have transmission issues and shifting problems have been present in Ram trucks from 2001 onwards. Particularly bad years for the Ram 1500 were 2001, 2009, 2012 – 2016 and the 2019 model also displayed transmission issues.

What is the top line Dodge Ram? ›

The RAM 1500 Limited trim is the top tier trim level. This do-it-all truck offers practical features like class-exclusive Active-Level Four Corner Air Suspension with automatic load leveling for immaculate towing capabilities.

What years of 5.7 Hemi have CAM issues? ›

The Ram Pickup is a dependable and durable light-duty truck. But some of its worst years, 2011, 2014 & 2019, are known for pervasive electrical problems, a shaky transmission, and cam and lifter problems on its iconic Hemi engine.

What is the problem with the 2005 5.7 Hemi? ›

Multiple 2005 Dodge Magnum owners have reported that the car's 5.7L Hemi engine frequently stalls after refueling. One NHTSA report from February of 2020 maintains that this issue occurs every time the car receives a full tank of gas.

What years did Dodge Ram have transmission problems? ›

What Went Wrong with the Transmissions in the Dodge Ram Trucks? The transmissions that are related to common complaints and recalls for Dodge Ram trucks are five and six-speed automatic transmissions. These were found in the 2009 Dodge Ram and 2010 through 2017 Ram models 1500, 2500, 3500, 4500, and 5500.

What year did the Hemi get cylinder deactivation? ›

The company was the first to offer cylinder deactivation in an SUV with the introduction of MDS in the 2005 HEMI-powered Jeep® Grand Cherokee.

Why does the 5.7 Hemi tick? ›

Some common causes of ticks include: Low Engine Oil. Dirt or Debris in the Engine. Using Low-Quality Oil.

Which RAM engine is most reliable? ›

The Hemi family is legendary for its dependability very dependable. However, it's the 5.7L Hemi that stands out as the most reliable Ram Truck Engine Option. Even the no-compromise Hellcat Hemis are solid, going 100,000 miles or more without issue.

What causes 5.7 Hemi lifter failure? ›

Hemi engine lifter failure is a common issue that can occur in the 5.7L and 6.4L engines. One of the primary causes of this problem is a lack of oil flow and pressure, which can lead to wear and tear on engine components, including the lifters.

Is a Hemi worse on gas? ›

Better gas mileage is one of the advantages of a Hemi engine. That said, not everyone is convinced that the fuel savings and increased performance justify the extra work and maintenance needed to make sure a Hemi engine is working properly.

What is the big deal about a Hemi engine? ›

What is so special about a Hemi engine? The Hemi engine's unique design, which features less surface area, results in less heat loss. This means the engine's peak pressure can be higher, which can result in better efficiency. Additionally, larger valves mean it's easier for air to flow through a Hemi engine.

What truck has the worst transmission problems? ›

These four trucks made in the past 25 years are known for their transmission problems.
  1. 2004 Ford F-150.
  2. 2005 Chevy Silverado 1500. ...
  3. 2003 Mazda B-Series. In 2023, Mazda no longer makes a pickup truck for the United States. ...
  4. 2008 Ford F-350. The Ford F-350 has long been one of Ford's heavy-duty trucks. ...
Jun 2, 2023

What Dodge trucks have bad transmissions? ›

Dodge Ram 2500 owners have been experiencing transmission problems with their trucks. Many owners have reported the significant transmission problems consisting of the following: Erratic shifting while driving. Lack of acceleration.

Why do Ram transmissions fail? ›

Dodge trucks, such as the RAM 1500/2500/3500, can have issues with overheating, especially if you are towing heavy loads with your truck. Watch out for overheating with your truck as it can be responsible for the start of many transmission problems and can lead to transmission failure in the future.

When was the last real Hemi made? ›

1971 Was The End Of The 426 Hemi On The Streets

The most significant sales figures were put up when a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda with the 426 Hemi was put up for auction. Even today, these cars are sought after by classic muscle car lovers and collectors.

Can you disable MDS on Hemi? ›

Adjust the transmission settings. MDS is automatically disabled when you switch the transmission into Sport, Tow/Haul, or Manual shift mode. Option 1 Notes: While effective, this option resets every time you shut the car off.

How do I permanently turn off MDS on Ram 1500? ›

You can turn off MDS in a Ram 1500 temporarily and permanently. To disable MDS temporarily, shift into the highest gear. To do so permanently, you must either use a tuner or upgrade to a performance camshaft.


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